Rediscover Extraordinary

Bentley Marbella is delighted to inform you that the Bentley Summer Tour has returned for 2021. It launches around the three timeless resorts of Mallorca, St. Tropez and St. Moritz, where the beauty of summer meets refined luxury. In the spirit of the Summer Tour, you are invited to join us here at The St Regis Mardavall in Mallorca, to explore our range of Bentley vehicles and join us for a series of events, along with your own personal test drive. After a year like no other, it’s time to reconnect and rediscover the joy of driving and the sound of freedom. Our team will be on hand to let you experience the cocooned hush of the handmade cabin and unsurpassed mix of finest leather, precious metals and exquisite wood – to surround yourself with the hallmarks of unique craftsmanship. Then head out on your own personal test drive in The St Regis Mardavall. It’s time to rediscover extraordinary. For further details, please get in touch.